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Vincent Tam

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Mathias Niyonzima

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Ankan Dutta

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Catello Antonio Cremone

Catello Antonio Cremone holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Commerce from the
University of Salerno (Italy) and MSc in Management and Leadership of Healthcare Organizations
from the same university. He is the author of the following publication:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Healthcare Reform in the United States of
America, Aracne editrice int., 2015 – ISBN 978 88 548 8470-0.

He has participated in the following international conference in 2016:

TAD 12 th Transatlantic Dialogue by E.G.P.A.- Ghent University- Belgium.
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, June 8-11, 2016.
Title of the paper presented and discussed: “The dynamic interaction between political leadership
and public servants as critical factor in the management of “Public Institutions”.

He continues to carry out research in public health and healthcare management in collaboration with
colleagues at the School of Public Policy and Administration, The University of Delaware,
Newark, U.S.A.

Pascale Chemaly

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Joseph Wirako

Mennka Rani

Pascal Frion

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