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CASS Europe Resource Platforms

CASS Europe has developed three important resource platforms for students, faculty and staff, and the entire CASS Europe community globally. These are:

  • CASS Europe e-Library
  • CASS Europe Learning
  • CASS Europe Network

CASS Europe e-Library contains over 17 000 scholarly and trade journals as well as newspapers and magazines covering the entire area of our activity – i.e. business, management, economics; healthcare management and related fields; ICT management, computer science and related fields. In addition the library contains over 27 000 books. Journal articles and/or book can be downloaded or printed by students, staff and faculty free of charge. The library is accessible by logging in with a unique User ID and Password
CASS Europe Learning contains a wealth of pedagogical and research materials for the students which are updated on a regular basis.
CASS Europe Network is a platform that enables students to create their own profile and connect with other members of the CASS Europe community world-wide.
Students, faculty and staff are actively encouraged to take full advantage of these resources.