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The CASS Europe Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program

DBA Graduation Requirements

Total duration for completing the DBA program is three (3) academic years for candidates registered on a full-time basis. The duration is five (5) academic years for those registered on a part-time basis. The course component of the program amounts to 60 ECTS credit points. One (1) ECTS credit point has a total workload of 26 hours.

In order to be allowed to graduate a full-time student must have been enrolled in the DBA program for three (3) consecutive years (five (5) years for part-time candidates), successfully completed the course component of the program, and submitted and orally defended the DBA thesis. Detailed information related to the DBA graduation requirements is provided in the CASS Europe “Academic Policies and Regulations Handbook”. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that the said handbook be read in conjunction with this Doctoral Student Handbook as well as the aforementioned “Thesis Handbook: Graduate School”.