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E-learning programs

CASS Europe provides all students enrolled in its programs the opportunity of completing a limited number of modules (up to four) by e-Learning. This is the case where a student enrolled on a program is not able to take all modules by the traditional face-to-face class teaching due, for example, to professional reasons (transfer to a location where CASS Europe does not have activity, etc., unable to attend classes at the scheduled times because of difficult work schedule etc.). In such a case the Institution will agree with the student the modules to be taken by e-learning. Appropriate arrangements are then made in order to ensure that faculty members with the necessary training and experience are allocated to deliver the agreed e-Learning module(s). The Institution would also ensure that administrative support is put in place for the e-learning component of the program. This flexibility allows working professionals to successfully complete their chosen program of study on time.

In addition to the above the Institution also provides short training courses by e-learning to working professionals.

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