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Joseph Mensah

Educational Qualification:

  • Ph.D., Geography, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • MA, Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario
  • BA (Hons.), University of Ghana, Legon-Accra

Teaching activity:

Dr. Mensah who is a Professor at York University, Canada, teaches the following courses in the CASS Europe DBA and PhD programs as an Adjunct faculty:

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Qualitative Research Methododology
  • Quantitative Research Methodology

Research and Publication:

Professor Mensah’s research has a particular focus on Quantitative Techniques and Applications, Development Research Methods, Research Design & Formulation, Population and Migration, among others where he has published extensively. The following is a selection of Prof. Mensah’s publications:
Books Sole-Authored * Mensah, J. (2002), Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions (Halifax: Fernwood Publishing), (Listed in Quill & Quire‘s Books for Everybody, Fall 2002), 292 pages

  • Revised Edition of Black Canadians (2010), 293 pages.
  • Edited/Co-Edited

  • Mensah, J. (ed.). (2008) Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa: Contestations on the Embattled Continent. (New York: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Mensah, J. (ed.) (2006) Understanding Economic Reforms in Africa: A Tale of Seven Nations (Brunel Road, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hants UK: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Osei Prempeh; Mensah, J. and Adjibolosoo, S. (eds.) (2004) Globalization and the Human Factor: Critical Insights, (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing).
  • Monographs

  • Mensah, J. and Adjibolosoo, S. (1998). Demographic Profile of African Immigrants in the Lower Mainland of BC. A monograph prepared for the British Columbia Ministry Responsible for Multiculturalism and Immigration (Vancouver: Community Liaison Division).
  • Adjibolosoo, S. and Mensah, J (1998). The Provision of Settlement Services to African Immigrants in the Lower Mainland of BC. A monograph prepared for the British Columbia Ministry Responsible for Multiculturalism and Immigration (Vancouver: Community Liaison Division).
  • Journal Articles

  • Mensah, J. Williams, C.J., &Aryee, E. (2012) ―Gender, power, and religious transnationalism among the African diaspora in Canada.‖ African Geographical Review, Vol. 31. No. 2. Doi: 10.1080/1937 6812.2012.734249 pp. 1-14
  • Frempong, G., Ma, X., and Mensah, J. (2012). ―Access to postsecondary education: can schools compensate for socioeconomic disadvantage?‖ Higher Education Vol. 63. DOI 10.1007/s10734-011-9422-2. pp. 19-32
  • Mensah, J. Oppong, J.R.; and Schmidt, C. M. (2010) ―Ghana‘s National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs: An Empirical Evaluations Using Propensity Score Matching‖ Health Economics. Vol. 19, Issue SI, page 95-106.
  • Mensah, J. (2009) ―Doing Religion‖ Overseas: The Characteristics and Functions of Ghanaian Immigrants Churches in Toronto, Canada‖ Societies Without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Science. Volume 4, pp. 21-44.
  • Mensah, J. (2008) ―The African Immigrant Church and the Settlement and Integration of Africans in Canada: Preliminary Observations‖ Direction: Research and Policy on Eliminating Racism Canadian Race Relation Foundation. Vol. 4 No. 2 Winter, p. 83-88.
  • Mensah, J. (2008) Religious transnationalism among Ghanaian immigrants in Toronto: A binary logistic regression analysis‖ The Canadian Geographer Vol. 52. no. 3, p. 309-330.
  • Mensah, J. &Firang, D. 2007. ―The Heterogeneity of Blacks in Ontario and the Racial Discrimination Boomerang‖ Our Diverse Cities/Nosdiversescités, No. 4, Fall, p. 20-25.
  • Mensah, J. (2006) ―Cultural dimensions of globalization in Africa: A dialectical interpenetration of the local and the global‖ Studies in Political Economy. Vol. 77 (Spring), pp. 57-83 [Reproduce in J. Mensah (ed., 2008), Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa: Contestations on the Embattled Continent‖ (New York: Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 33-54]
  • Mensah, J. (2004-2006)―Official multiculturalism in Canada: A critique of prevailing criticism‖ International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations,Vol. 4., p. 1139-1149
  • Edwards, R; Wu, S.C; Mensah, J. (2005) ―City Profile: Georgetown, Guyana‖ CITIES:International Journal of Urban Policy and Panning, Vol. 22, Issue 6, pp. 446-454.
  • Mensah, J. and Fredua-Antoh, E. (2005) ―Reflections on women‘s indigenous organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative study from the BrongAhafo Region of Ghana.‖ Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 26(1):82-101.
  • Mensah, J. (2005) ―On the ethno-cultural heterogeneity of Blacks in our ‗EthniCities‘‖ Canadian Issues, (Spring) pp. 72-77.
  • Mensah, J. (2004: Guest Editor) ―Human factor theory and practice: An introduction to a critical interrogation‖ Review of Human Factor Studies [Special Edition] Vol. 10 No. 1, pp. 1-6.; and ―The human factor framework: A Preliminary synthesis of claims and counterclaims‖ in the same Volume, pp. 168-184.
  • Mensah, J. &Rupananda, W. (2002), ―Exploring the impacts of structural adjustment programs on the provision of selected economic and social services in rural Sri Lanka,‖ Asia- Pacific Journal of Rural Development (APJORD) Vol. 12:1 p. 32-51.
  • Rupananda, W. &Mensah, J. (2002), ―Structural adjustment programs and rural agricultural economy: The case study of the Monaragala District of Sri Lanka,‖ Regional Development Studies, p. 119-137.
  • Adjibolosoo, S. &Mensah, J. (1998), ―Demographic profile and settlement problems of African immigrants in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area of British Columbia: A human factor assessment,‖ Review of Human Factor Studies4:2 p. 32-63.
  • Mensah, J. (1997), ―Colonialism and human factor degradation in Africa,‖ Review of Human Factor Studies.3:1 p. 46-64.