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Kwesi Asabir

Educational qualification:

  • PhD in Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester, the U.K.
  • MSc in Human Resources Development, the University of Manchester, the U.K.
  • Diploma in HRM & Health System Management, Galilee College, Israel
  • Diploma in Health Sciences Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Diploma in Public Health Inspection, School of Hygiene, Accra, Ghana
  • Human Resources Management,

Areas of teaching activity:

Dr. Asabir teaches the following courses in the Institution’s MBA and Doctoral programs:

  • Management of Human Resources in Healthcare
  • Health Policy and Planning
  • Global healthcare Management

Research and Publication:

Dr. Asabir’s research interests are in the following areas where he has a number of publications:

  • International Development Governance
  • Human Resources for Health

Selected Publications:

  • International Migration of Skilled Health Professionals from Ghana: Impact and Policy Responses, BMC Medical Education Journal, 2009
  • Rural Practice Preference Among Medical Students in Ghana, World Health Organization, 2010
  • Rural Practice Preference Among Medical Students in Ghana (2010)
  • Willingness To Work In Rural Areas And The Role Of Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Professional Motivations – A Survey Of Medical Students In Ghana, BMC Medical Education, 2011.