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The CASS Europe Master’s in Healthcare Management Program


Examination system at CASS Europe is based on a combination of class attendance, active participation, group work, and formal individual exams conducted by the instructor at the end of each course/module.

The grading system is based on the international standard of A, B, C, D, F with “A” being the highest passing grade and “F” stands for fail. Additional notations in the grading system are: Z, I, and Y. Based on the totality of these notations a student’s performance in a course/module is graded as follows:

Grade Marks % Interpretation
A 70-100 Excellent
B 60-69 Very Good
C 50-59 Good
D 40-49 Pass
F 1-39 Fail
Z   Disqualification
I   Incomplete
Y   Continuing

Definition of grades

Pass Grades: Grades A to D constitute Pass grades.
Failure Grades: F, Z constitute Failure grades.
Continuing: Grade Y (for continuing) shall be awarded at the end of a semester to any student who is taking a course which continues into the next semester.


Grade Z denotes disqualification from an examination as a result of an examination malpractice or offence, and shall be awarded whenever it is established that a candidate had attempted to gain an unfair advantage in an examination.

Non-completion of Course:

Grade I (for Incomplete) shall be awarded to a student who is unable to complete a course for reasons deemed by the institution’s Academic Council to be satisfactory. Such a student shall be expected to complete the course the next time it is available.

For details on examination and related matters please consult the Graduate Student Handbook.