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The CASS Europe Master’s in Healthcare Management Program

Credit Transfer

CASS Europe operates within the framework of the Bologna Process which encompasses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This effectively means that a student who has successfully completed an equivalent course of study at another higher education institution operating within the framework of the ECTS credit system can ask to transfer credits earned in such previous studies to a program of study at CASS Europe. Students enrolled in the Master’s program in Healthcare Management can therefore apply to the Graduate School to have credits earned in comparable courses at other higher education institutions within the framework transferred to the program at CASS Europe. Transfer credits are subject to time limitation and they relate to all programs of study at CASS Europe. Accordingly, credits cannot be more than three (3) years at the time of application for transfer.

Transfer credit is requested formally by listing the courses on the program of study, and obtaining the relevant Program Committee and Academic Director’s approval. Students intending to request transfer credit for previous studies will need to submit to the relevant school at CASS Europe all official transcripts from colleges or universities showing such credit. A catalog description of the course must be available (either in paper form or on the website of the concerned institution). The institution from which credits are being transferred must be accredited by a recognized accreditation organization and/ or be part of the ECTS system. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Dean of CASS Europe on a case-by-case basis upon recommendation of the Academic Director.