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The CASS Europe Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Care Management Program

PhD Healthcare Management Program Curriculum

The Healthcare Management specialization is designed to address important issues in the healthcare sector. The specialization is of an international and interdisciplinary nature, with the objective to train academics, researchers and practitioners in the field of Healthcare Management. It comprises two components: 1. Courses/Research Seminars/Workshops, and 2. Research leading to the PhD thesis. The course component of the program is as follows:

Code Courses Class Hours Self-Study Hours ECTS*
1st Year Courses (30 ECTS Credit Points)
Unit 1:Fundamentals of Scientific Research Courses
PHDHC851 Philosophy of Science 30 100 5
PHDHC852 Qualitative Research Methodology 30 100 5
PHDHC853 Quantitative Research Methodology 30 100 5
Unit 2: Specialized Courses in Healthcare Management
PHDHC854 Health Policy and Planning 30 100 5
PHDHC855 Health and Social Care Marketing 30 100 5
PHDHC856 International Health Management 30 100 5
2nd Year Courses (20 ECTS Credit Points)
Unit 3: Research Seminars/Workshops and Specialized Courses in Healthcare Management
PHDHC857 Healthcare Management Research Seminar/Workshop I 30 100 5
PHDHC858 Healthcare Management Research Seminar/Workshop II 30 100 5
PHDHC859 Health Legislation 30 100 5
PHDHC860 Management of Human Resources in Healthcare 30 100 5
3rd Year Courses (10 ECTS Credit Points)
Unit 4:Research Seminars/Workshops
PHDHC861 Healthcare Management Research Seminar/Workshop III 30 100 5
PHDHC862 Healthcare Management Research Seminar/Workshop IV 30 100 5
Total Courses,Research Seminars/Workshops 360 1200 60
Unit 5:Thesis
PHDHC921TH PhD Healthcare Management Thesis 120
*ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System